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Pretty Pictures

The graphics on this page are small versions of larger jpeg files that can be accessed
and captured for your personal use.  Just click on the thumbnail and wait for the larger
version to load.  Then (from Internet Explorer) right-click on the big image and select
Save Picture As from the menu.  You can choose a name for the file, where to save  
the file and which type of graphics file (.jpg or .bmp) you want it to be.  Jpeg files use
less space on your hard drive and are easily used by all graphics software.  There are
many good graphics programs available.  We use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, because it is
simple and easy to use.  You may want to re-size the image or enhance it or print it.  
If you save any of these images in your Windows folder as .bmp files they will appear
on the list of files avialable for use as wallpaper on your computer desktop (Start>    
Settings>Control Panel>Display>Background).  Choose "Center" (image centered on
the desktop)or "Stretch" (image stretched or compressed to fill the entire screen)       
from the little sub-menu in this Display>Background window.  If you choose Stretch
the image must be in the same proportion as the monitor screen or it will be distorted.
There are no links on the image pages, so just use the Back Arrow to return here.     

Electric Peak in Fall Colors, photo by Paul Taylor

One of our home page photos for only a couple of days, this view of the Yellowstone back country in fall was very popular for use as wallpaper.  It is 1200 pixels by 887 pixels, with a file size of 295KB.  We were on horseback about 6 miles from the nearest road when this photo was taken.

Watercolor, by Debra McDougall

This is one of our all-time favorite llama pictures. We printed it out and framed it. It was sent to us by John McDougall (Westerham Studio and Farm, Montpelier, VA) without Debra's knowledge.  I had to threaten and beg to get her permission to post it (not really).  The big version is 1116 pixels by 1371 pixels, with a file size of 193KB (about a 1 minute load time for most of us).  We also have a 4.5 Megabyte version if you get really serious.  This picture can't be proportioned to Stretch to fit the full screen, so choose Center if you want to use it as wallpaper.

Laguna Blanca, photo by Paul Taylor

The Laguna Blanca Vicuña Preserve is located in Catamarca Province of Argentina.  I took this vista when I went there with Steve Rolfing in '97.  File size of the large image is 425KB, 877 pixels by 565 pixels.  This shot works well as wallpaper.

La Raya Mountains, photo by Paul Taylor

Here's a photo that makes great wallpaper.  The mountains behind the La Raya Camelid Research Station in Puno, Peru, show dramatic shades and textures.  File size is 242KB (1200 x 850 pixels).

Lazuli Bunting, photo by Paul Taylor

Every springtime, usually in early May, a few lazuli buntings stop by on their way north.  We see them mixed in with the nuthatches and pine siskins at our bird feeders outside the kitchen window.  This photo makes nice wallpaper for your computer.  File size is 200KB (1000x693 pixels).

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