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Rebaño Escondido Nubi
ILR # 220790 DNA Verified
RE Pacifico x RE Nubarron
DOB: 8/26/99
Full Chilean of the Argentine Type

6/12/05 Female Baby, RE Nublada
by Arg Pecos

Asking Price for the Two: $7000

Nubi is now confirmed pregnant by Argentine Kobra for a baby due 8/1/06

Nubi has been a favorite of ours since her birth.  She has great presence, poise and size, and at only six years old
she has a lot of babies left to produce for her new owners.  Really, she is one of the most beautiful and correct
females we have ever owned. If we weren't cutting back on the embryo transfer work we would surely keep her
as a donor.  Now we want to find her a good home with someone who will appreciate her exotic qualities.

Nubi's baby at side, Nublada, is half-Argentine and quite exotic herself.  She is very correct and full of herself.
She has lots of silky wool and heavy bone and already has a unique personality.

RE Nublada, Nubi's current female baby by Argentine Pecos.

Rebaño Escondido Nubi Offspring

RE Impact (ET) (M) (x Pure Gold)

RE Tiger Lily (F) (x Arg Pecos)

RE Iceman (ET) (M) (x Arg Pecos)

Iceman just won a Grand Championship for Eileen Ditsler

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