Taylor/Gavin Communications presents...

All About Llamas

The llama video series that has topped sales lists and received rave reviews.

Video #1    Llama Basics:  A comprehensive and entertaining introduction to the world of llamas.  A MUST  for newcomers to the llama scene.  Includes information about the evolution of llamas, their basic anatomy, herd interactions, feeding, facilities and fencing, plus a brief section on reproduction.  This is the perfect way to show your friends and visitors all about llamas.
DVD (40 minutes).   US$19.95 (+$3.00 s/h)

Video #2   Breeding, Birthing and Newborn Care:  Detailed professional advice about llama breeding and delivering and caring for llama babies in the critical first hours after birth. Packed with valuable tips and time-tested advice.  Discusses several different breeding strategies and depicts a dozen different females through labor and delivery.  Increase your confidence and the productivity of your llama or alpaca breeding program.  Dr. Murray Fowler, leading authority on camelid medicine, calls this tape the best he has seen on labor and delivery in any species.
DVD (60 minutes).  US$29.95 (+$3.00 s/h)

Video #3   Let's Go Packing:  A comprehensive guide to llama packing filimed in Montana's beautiful wilderness country.  Includes halter and pack training, conditioning and basic herd management techniques such as toenail trimming and fighting tooth removal.  Demonstrates how to handle trail obstacles and shows various types of packing equipment.
DVD (60 minutes). US$19.95 (+$3.00 s/h)

Get All 3 DVDs for Your Reference Library for only US$60 (+$5.00 s/h)

To order, phone Renee Gavin at (406)586-6872


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