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Photos from the Argentine Expedition

The Laguna Blanca Vicuña Station

Vicuñas in a temporary holding pen.

Alfredo Ferraro, Administrator of the Vicuña Station.

Mother and baby vicuña.

One of the village youngsters bottle-feeding an orphan vicuña.

The village of Corral Blanco, home of Rita, where we found many beautiful llamas.

The mountains behind the Vicuña Station get a dusting of snow.

Alfredo and daughter, Flor, watch the catch of a big red female.

Proud vaquero, son of the herd's owners.

Looking back down the switchback donkey trail where we almost got stuck.

Our rented Toyota 4x4.  Guillermo's turn in the back.

We view a herd in a small corral built against the cliff.  Alfredo in the foreground.

Ancient petroglyph of a pregnant llama carved into the stone face behind the corral.

Women working on a llama-wool weaving.

We arrive at Aguas Calientes to spend the night.  The little town is empty.

Inside one of the stone huts we have a cup of mate (ma-tay) tea.

Sally prepares our evening meal...

...while Fidel and Alfredo watch expectantly.

The next morning the llamas began to arrive from all directions.

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