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This big male skunk moved into the space under the floor of our main barn about a month ago, and he's been a big negative
 ever since.  Almost every night he would get in a skirmish with the llamas and a big cloud of skunk fumes would drift in our
 bedroom window.  We got the high-tech skunk trap shown here to deal with him, but he was just too big for the trap.  Finally
we got a mid-size Hav-a-Heart trap and captured him so he could be re-located to skunk heaven.  Almost 6 pounds, which
is the biggest skunk we've ever had around here.


Taylor Llamas, located 23 miles north of Bozeman, Montana, has been a landmark of the North American llama phenomenon for more than 30 years. We are Paul and Sally Taylor, and we run the ranch ourselves, producing fine llama breeding stock, finding and importing small groups of exotic Argentine-type llamas and doing basic research into llama reproduction. We have a wealth of llama experience and information and we are happy to offer practical advice about llama breeding and herd management.  Contact us with an e-mail message through the link below or phone at (406)686-4723. Our mailing address is: 14666 Horse Creek Rd, Bozeman, MT  59715


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